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Identity, multilingualism and multiculturalism (Essay Tfiey 5)

tfiey essay 5Identity, multilingualism, multiculturalism are ways, sometimes contradictory, to share the problems of a changing world. If these problems are not addressed they will face you, in ways that can be cruel and unnatural. The idea of identity leads us to thinking of copies of an “original” that is duplicated in each resident. Multilingualism calls us elsewhere, to a multiculturalism that is well beyond the scope of those who hold themselves as an archive, with a huge past but little future.

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  1. Identity e cultures (1.1. Imperfect identities; 1.2. Differentiation; 1.3. Redefining the issue; 1.4. What children can teach us; 1.5. Migrations of individuals and peoples; 1.6. I know you but I do not recognise you; 1.7. Well-being)
  2. The multicultural context (2.1. Children born in other countries and residents in Italy; 2.2. Italy and Europe; 2.3. “Foreigner” pupils; 2.4. Unaccompanied foreigner children; 2.5. Different roots …; 2.6. … and different cultures; 2.7. Critical issues and challenges)